In Bloom

For a couple of weeks, I have been closely watching my rose bushes, checking on the progress of their blooms. At least once a day, I stand and gaze at the beauty of them. I have five; three are knockout rose bushes, one is a climbing rose bush I’ve had for probably 13 or more years and the last a St Patrick hybrid tea. 

I have a “thing” for hybrid tea roses; their fragrant, large and bright blooms. I’ve been watching the St. Patrick rose bush the closest. For awhile, the largest bud was about 2″. Each day it opened a bit wider. It is a slow process, one that doesn’t happen overnight but requires time, patience and propernourishment just as we do to bloom.

All growth requires time. Each step, each experience is like that rose bud that continues to open, slowly,  carefully until one day it has fully bloomed into the perfect rose.

 The same principle applies to our lives. Surround yourself with positive influences, people who encourage rather than discourage, with those who aid in your growth and personal development.  Negativity only hinders. Patience is required as we grow and flourish. 

How are your blooms looking? Are you getting the proper nourishment? What do you need to tend to?


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