Finding Stillness in all the Busyness

Where do you go to be still? To reflect? To dream? To think? Do you have a quiet place you call your own?

Do you take the time to sit and be still? To listen to those inner voices, the ones that inspire and guide you.

When we are still inspiration and wisdom come. Dreams form when we stop and pause for a moment. 

We are so busy doing…being busy to just be busy. I am guilty of this myself. I’m learning to pause, to schedule time to go to my quiet place…and even if I cannot physically go there, I am learning to create stillness in the midst of the busy-ness. Meditation for 5-10 minutes a day, yoga, they are all great tool to channel your thoughts and energy.

When we are still and quiet, we learn about ourselves. We have time for self-assessment, dream analyzation; we have time to put those dreams into action. We can listen to our thoughts, clearly.

In all the busyness, make time to be still, to enjoy the silence, even if only for a few moments. Find a quiet place to call your own. It’s replenishing to the soul and spirit. 


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